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Little Shop of Amazing

Between November 20th and 22nd, the KCHS Drama Department put on a resounding four performances of the charming musical Little Shop of Horrors. The toe-tapping story followed the falling in love of a bumbling botanist, Seymour, and a heartrending, beat-up, long-time resident of Skidrow, Audrey. As the chemistry between the two star-crossed lovers grows stronger, an unlikely third party comes into the relationship, a man-eating plant who begins to consume more than just the attention, care, and daily watering of its owners.

At the first night of the four sold out performances, senior Tim McCready, playing the role of Seymour, stumbled out onto stage with fanatical and strong emotion. Not long after, he was followed by the high-pitched senior Laura Patterson, playing the role of the broken down and squeaky voiced Audrey. Accompanying McCready and Patterson were seniors Linsey Watkins, playing the whimsical and grey haired Mrs. Mushnik, senior Morgan Birdwell, playing the crude and hedonistic dentist, and senior Thalia Kabbani, playing the powerhouse man-eating Audrey II.

Throughout   the show, the cast belted out a large number of ballads, from Patterson’s tear-drawing solo to Birdwell’s crass ode to his pleasurable job as a dentist. Obvious to the audience, the cast put their heart and soul into everyone song and number performed, and their months of preparation had been proven not to be a waste.

Overall, the play was highly interactive and drew both smiles and gasps from every member in the audience, and by the end of the play, both uninterested little siblings and proud grandparents’ jaws were unhinged alike. By far, Little Shop of Horrors was the best musical KCHS has seen in years.

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