Is iOS 10 worth the update?

Kalani Carter, Student Writer

On September 13th, Apple released its latest operating system, iOS 10, which offers many unique features, including interactive messaging and photo “Memories.” Despite these awesome features, there are many that users hate.

The most disliked feature of the new Apple’s tenth operating system is the lock screen security feature. This security unlock feature requires the user to click the home button on their phone twice, which makes it take longer to unlock the phone.

One of the biggest problems keeping Apple users away from the update is the large amount of storage space the update requires. Many users simply do not have the space on their phone to download the update. In addition, the update is only supported on iPhone 5 and above, so iPhone 4s users will not be able to install the update.

Even though the iOS 10 update has its drawbacks, the amazing features that come with it may be worth the risks. One of the greatest advantages of iOS 10 is the new creative ways users can send text messages. The update allows users to send animations, such as balloons and shooting stars, with their texts. They can also send live drawings, stickers, “invisible ink” messages, gifs, and music samples from their music library.

Another timesaving feature of iOS 10 is voicemail transcripts. If someone is unable to listen their voicemail immediately, a typed transcription is offered. The update also allows users to delete default apps, eliminating the need for the “Extras” folder on the phone.

In addition, Apple’s new photo “Memories” automatically recognizes the places and times of photos to create a short slideshow complete with music. This is definitely one of the most unique features of the update.

Overall, iOS 10 has great features that are not available on Apple’s older operating systems, so it is worth sacrificing some old features to get the many new features that come with the update.

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