Students share their favorite Christmas albums

Elizabeth Waltman, Student Writer

Thanksgiving has passed and now Christmas is right around the corner, leaving students to start practicing their favorite Christmas traditions. One of the most popular Christmas traditions in America is to listen to Christmas music, so students voiced their opinions on their favorite Christmas albums.

Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey received top honors, reeling in the most votes.

“Mariah Carey’s music really makes me happy during Christmas, and I just want to dance whenever I hear her music,” Freshman, Fannie Njoroge, said. .

The majority of other students overwhelmingly agreed, choosing Mariah Carey’s album as their favorite.

“Mariah Carey’s album is my favorite because in her songs, she really gets into the Christmas spirit,” Freshman, Mckenna Garibay, said.

Though Mariah Carey’s Christmas album received the most votes from students, Justin Beiber’s Under the Mistletoe was a close second.

“Justin Beiber really puts a good spin on classic Christmas albums, and turns them into something new,” Freshman Luci Carson, said.

Many students praise popular artists’ new interpretations of classic Christmas albums.

“I love how many popular artists’ today are remaking some of my favorite Christmas albums. Some of the songs they recreate will become classics too,” Sophomore, Grace Bobo, said.

Michael Buble Christmas took an honorable third among the other contenders. Buble’s “classic sound” is what reeled in many of his voters.

“He has a very classic sound to his voice, and uses some original Christmas songs, as well as some non-traditional Christmas songs. In the end, it brings a nice combination,” Freshman, Lauren Robson, said.

Students also enjoyed a few other Christmas albums that did not take top spots, one being Gold and Green by Sugarland.

“I love Gold and Green by Sugarland because it brings a new twist to traditional Christmas songs,” Freshman, Kate Timbes, said.

Though not all students agreed on their favorite Christmas album, the majority of students did enjoy Christmas albums that consisted of remakes of classic Christmas songs.

“Christmas albums with new twists and interpretations really bring some awesome new songs, that maybe one day will also be classics,” Freshman, Catelyn Krings, said.

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