The joys of Spirit Week

Ansley Letsinger, Staff Writer

Think it’s impossible to travel from New York, to Nashville, to Los Angeles, to Las Vegas in a week? Not when you’re part of Spirit Week! Spirit Week is taking students on a trip around the U.S.A. and everyone is getting ready for this year’s competition which begins on October 1st.  

Theme day has many students excited to try out their costumes based on their individual city. These costumes ranging from seniors dressing as the Schuyler Sisters, juniors dressing as Dolly Parton, sophomores as The Terminator, and freshman as Elvis Presley, the competition is oddly fierce this year.  

Halls and Walls is also in full swing and this year’s motto seems to be bigger is better. Students seem to be going with a more industrial plan this year and the sky is the limit. Showmanship and detail could win the whole thing, but remember, parents are not permitted to help.

Many people might be wondering how a theme is chosen. 

“It’s all up to the students,” said Ms.Williams, co-head of the student council with Mr. Kimutis. “We gave them a list of all the past themes and told them to pick any.” The student government ended up choosing five previous ideas and two new ideas for this year’s theme.  

In choosing the theme per grade, seniors get first pick, then juniors and so on. This means that freshmen will be left with whatever is last, but that does not stop them from being leaders. 

According to senior representative Zoe Mader, “freshman representatives can lead the other freshmen through Halls and Walls and give direction.” 

So, boys, shine your dancing shoes and everyone ready your costumes because spirit week is in full swing! 

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