Hardcore Swiftie or Vouch for Yeezy?

MTV’s Video Music Award Show of 2009 would be swept under the rug like all the others if it wasn’t for Kanye West and his controversy loving self. After Taylor Swift had taken the title of Best Female Video for her hit, “You Belong With Me,” Kanye let the people know his opinion.

He stormed to the stage, interrupting her acceptance speech, and uttered the words that would open the door to this century’s most iconic beef. Once the audience and eager at home viewers heard “Yo Taylor,” they knew where it was headed.

“Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time” West proclaimed in confidence.

This flaming debate of Taylor’s fans versus Kanye’s has since become a wildfire. The argument has acquired so much recent controversy that students are ready to pick sides.

“I’m a Swiftie all the way. I think everyone is being too harsh on Taylor. You can’t do anything without having some backlash while in the public eye but I don’t think all this hate is necessary,” senior Leah Holt said.

Junior Sibeal McGrath is one to stay out of the drama yet when it comes down to it she will pick Kanye’s side.

“I’m definitely a bigger fan of Kanye. I think he’s very smart and he is able to put that into his music. I think he keeps to himself more and he isn’t really looking for drama while Taylor Swift is just looking for publicity and popularity,” McGrath said.

Though both students have a favorite, they still appreciate the other artist’s talent.

“I’m really into ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. It’s catchy and the music video is really cool too. It’s so different from all her other stuff,” McGrath said.

Likewise, Holt also has good things to say about Kanye.

“I have nothing against Kanye West. I think his raps are smart and he’s a very good businessman. I also think that it what Kim Kardashian did was amazing. Exposing Taylor on National Snake Day was absolutely iconic and I salute her for it. The drama made me like Kanye and Kim a lot more because it was so gutsy of them to do that, so I support it,” Holt said.

Overall, both students believe that this fight is fake, and it is just a game simply played for publicity. Both McGrath and Holt, as well as many others, fully invested and are awaiting what will come next.

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