Powderpuff Preparation

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Powderpuff Preparation

Zoe Velas, Staff Writer


KNOXVILLE- Preceding a week full of engaging activities, the powderpuff game kicked off Spirit Week with an air of competition yesterday, Oct. 1.

With its first game dating back to 1945, the powderpuff tradition was born when a group of Eastern State Teacher’s College girls in Madison, SD, requested an all-women match be held for Homecoming. World War II had produced a lack of male students on campus, which called for the cancellation of the annual homecoming game. Several female students, however, created powderpuff as a way to continue the festivity. The tradition expanded, and continues at Knoxville Catholic as a part of spirit week activities.

Several Catholic football players stepped into coaching positions for powderpuff, including juniors Christopher Torres and Alec Bindner. Torres decided to coach the defensive line and the outside linebackers.

“Coach Matthews said we should try [coaching powderpuff] because it’s hard coaching us, so it would be a challenge,” Torres said.

Bindner, the junior’s linemen coach, said he had focused on “offense vs. defense [drills]. Basic stuff.”

Torres also covered the fundamentals. “Stances and steps mostly,” Torres said.

According to Bindner and Torres, they were happy with the turnout, and agreed on their hope for “a win” as well as their goal to “teach the players the sport of football”.

A significant number of girls joined both the junior and senior powderpuff teams this year. One veteran player, Julianna Saah, gave her reasons for participating again as the senior team’s snapper.

“I designed all the shirts for both years and it was fun last year…I liked being involved,” Saah said.

According to Saah, she enjoyed starting off spirit week with the powderpuff match.

Anne Carter, a member of the Lady Irish softball team, was the starting quarterback for the junior girls.

“I threw every single day for the past two weeks, and I worked on memorizing plays,” Carter said.

After first getting together for tryouts , the juniors had gotten the “mess” of the first practice out of the way, and worked towards being more “organized,” Carter said.

Even with all the organized practice, senior won 21-0.

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