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Teachers on Spirit Week

Ansley Letsinger, Staff Writer

The halls are alive with the sound of Spirit Week. Spirit Week is one week where students act a little escape from academics and celebrate their grade while dressing in odd costumes.

Some teachers might not think that way.

Many teachers feel like just because it’s Spirit Week, nothing needs to change.

“I am not going to change my curriculum during Spirit Week” Ms.Merrel said “I don’t think that I need to because Spirit Week is something is something in addition to what we do, so don’t think I should give everyone a study hall because it’s Spirit Week.”

Spirit Week is prone to cause distraction among many of the students in the school. Many people are less focused on academics and more on social aspects of school. “Put people in costume and all the sudden they’ll become those characters and forget the reason they’re here,” Ms.Phillips said.

Students do not need to stress.

According to Ms.Williams, teachers notice these distractions and enjoy Spirit Week festivities just as much as the students.

“We are going to be working hard in class every single day, but there is not going to be a lot of homework cause I want it to be done well and I don’t think Spirit Week permits that,” Ms.Williams said.

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