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Adoption Creates New Family and Security

Elizabeth Simoneau, staff writer


After a grueling two-month process, on September 29 at a justice house, Hannah Olivia Sealock became Hannah Heather Rapien. Hannah had lived with the Rapiens, a KCHS family, for three years before finally getting adopted.
“I was really excited and happy because now I don’t have as many rules or regulations a I did in foster care and I get to be with my family all the time,” senior Hannah Rapien said.
Being adopted is more than just a judge signing a paper. Adoption requires a multitude of meetings with an attorney to collect information and inform the necessary parties.
“First, I had to design a name, which is a very big deal, because it was a big process and I had to decide whether to keep my old names or pick new ones, and I finally decided on Hannah Heather Rapien,” Rapien said.
The process of Hannah getting adopted was shorter than most- it took two to three months for everything to become official.
“At the justice center the judge asked if I was doing this out of my own free will and I said yes and we both signed the document, and the process was complete and I was officially adopted,” Rapien said.
Two of Hannah’s new siblings attend KCHS and were very excited to gain a new addition to the family.
“I love having her around, she’s really sweet. My whole family was very excited that she finally gets accepted into a loving home,” senior Abby Rapien said.
“It felt great when Hannah got adopted because I got another sister and we have adopted other sisters before,” sophomore Hailey Rapien said

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