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Stories and Tips form Working Students

Matthew Armitage, Editor, Photographer, Designer

Getting a job is one of the responsibilities many juniors and seniors add to their long lists. With school, sports, friends and extracurricular activities adding to already packed schedules comes with consequences, mostly stress. Here are some stories and tips from working students.

Senior Jackson Bucco works at Panera Bread has experienced many interesting customers. One Bucco notes “Liberal Pepsi Man.”

“One day I was working register, and this lovely old couple walk up and order. They get the usual meals we see but after they order the man asks for a coke as a drink. We only sell Pepsi so I said I was sorry and asked if he was alright with Pepsi instead. The man then looks straight into my eyes and says “No! I will not support those liberals!” he gets some other drink and walks off to his table. I was walking around and heard him talking to his wife, she was telling him he should have just got the Pepsi and he says, no I will never support that liberal pepsi!. Funniest couple that I’ve ever seen” Bucco said.

Senior Ethan Johnson works at his own company. He builds and sells Legos, figures, sets, kits, pieces, and custom builds. He runs this company and tells us a lab story.

“I had a customer at a show come up to me and take my card and tell me he was going to submit a request for a commissioned lego set. I asked him to tell me something about what it was, it was a kid probably twelve to thirteen years old, and he just says he wants me to build him a lego lab.”

New working students can have a lot of stress put on them from their new job. Here are some tips from working students on how to keep stress out.

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, most employers are always willing to hire first time workers” Bucco advised.

“When you’re starting a business keep track of all your costs and expenses and really focus on trying to pay for those and not getting all in first and going into so much debt that it’s hard too make a profit. When you’re about to make a big investment your really have to weight all the pros and cons and weather you’ll be able to make it back. I made this mistake once where I invested too much in a short amount of time and I wasn’t able to make it back as quickly as I hoped to. But If you’re smart about managing tour investments you’ll be able to make it back” Johnson said.

Working might be a little frightening to students who have packed schedules but you can gain useful experience for the rest of your life.

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