In the Eye of the Storm

March 29, 2018

In the past few months you have probably heard at least one person talking about the widely popular video game “Fortnite”.  This game was first announced in 2011, but was not released until July 25, 2017.  Since the time of release “Fortnite” has gained a wildly impressive 3.8 million players worldwide.  “Fortnite” is a cooperative shooter mixed with a basic building game. Scavenging resources, building up your defenses, opening the doors and letting the bullets fly are key tactics to be the last man standing.  Since Christmas break, “Fortnite” has spread like wildfire throughout the school.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself “What is Fortnite?”  “This game is basically the Hunger Games with lots of guns and building,” junior Dakota Dickinson said.

Senior Noah Bond describes this game as “Call of Duty mixed with Minecraft.”

There are four different modes of play for this game, but the most acclaimed version is the four-person team mode called squad.  In this mode, you are paired with three other players, either random users or your friends, as you all try to beat 99 other players.

“Squad mode is the best because it’s the original and the most fun,” sophomore Lincoln Murr said.  However, just like all good things “Fortnite” is bound to die out.

Senior Ian McMichael predicts the game will come to an end like Pokemon or Modern Warfare 2 did.  For now, “Fortnite” is still shining in the spotlight.

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