Prom: Maryville’s Hollywood

Vanessa Belanger, Staff Writer

Last Friday, juniors, seniors and a few underclassmen gathered at the Capitol Theatre in Maryville at 7 p.m. to dance the night away.

Junior Haley Cionfolo is a dedicated member of the prom-planning committee. They have been planning this night since last spring.

“Initially… we were thinking the theme of ‘old Hollywood,’ and when we found the venue, we all really loved it and it fulfills that theme. We don’t really have to decorate for it and it’s really perfect,” Cionfolo explained.

The Capitol Theatre opened its doors in 1934 but closed in 1970s. It’s now utilized as an event venue, hosting anything from wedding receptions to proms.

“It’s an old movie theatre, so it has that [old Hollywood] vibe. And on the inside, it doesn’t look old…it’s been renovated. It’s very opulent. When we were looking for venues, we didn’t want to do one downtown simply because it’s sometimes hard to get to and sometimes hard to park. Out in Maryville, even though it’s a little more driving time, there’s a lot of parking and it’s a good area,” Cionfolo commented.

As many seniors know, breathalyzing has been mandatory before you enter prom. This year, however, KCHS breathalyzed after prom, “Just to increase safety because it’s a longer drive for most people,” Cionfolo said.

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