How the Good Doctor is Changing the TV Game

Madison Webber, Copy Editor

What makes a show great? Is it the characters, the people portraying them, the story line, the questions it provokes, or the message that it sends? Could it be all the above? The Good Doctor developed by David Shore certainly answers all the questions that define a good show, however, it takes step further and asks the question of what defines a good doctor. Focusing on a young autistic surgical resident, Sean Murphy, The Good Doctor stimulates the viewers thought process of who they would be comfortable with treating them as a patient.  

Sean Murphy, the main character played by Freddie Highmore, defies societies standards by being an outstanding surgeon. Murphy fights against the odds to make a positive name for himself in the medical field despite his disability, autism. The Good Doctor showcases disabilities in a positive light and it does not need to hold individuals back. The series continually shows Murphy overcoming the odds and understanding the complex emotions of those around him. The Good Doctor can be described as a breath of fresh air since it switches the role of who is helping who. Society has grown accustomed to those with a disability needing guidance in day to day roles, however, throughout the series the audience realizes that we can learn from those we help.  

The Good Doctor emphasizes the importance of giving everyone of different ethnicities, disabilities, religion, and gender a fair shot to make an impact on the world. The series is easy to relate to due to the real issues and lives of those in the show. The audience does not feel the need to take a break from watching due to exhaustion from unrealistic things or dramatic experiences. Although a medical show, the content is easy to follow and well explained. Even though it is easy to follow, each character is well developed and has at least one characteristic relatable to the viewer. I highly recommend The Good Doctor to anyone interested in medical shows because it is similar to highly rated series like Grey’s Anatomy but differs in a unique and drastic way due to the incredible main character of Sean Murphy.  

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