What is Your Ride or Die Hair Tie?

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What is Your Ride or Die Hair Tie?

Keileen Cullen, Staff Writer

In this trendy and eclectic day and age, it can be hard to find the perfect hair tie that has both qualities of function and style. There are many different brands and companies that sell hair ties and sometimes the search can be a little overwhelming. Here are some opinions from fellow students to help ease the stress of picking the perfect hair accessory. 

Junior Maya Alvez prefers scrunchies over other styles of hair ties. Where does she get her scrunchies? Walgreens is her go to because “they are durable, soft, and have cute colors.”  

Senior Madeline Macrae personally thinks that Teleties, curly plastic hair tie, are the superior hair tie because, “they are cute, and they don’t crease your hair.” 

Junior Analise Weedman likes to keep it traditional with the classic black hair tie because she has “thick curly hair and it holds it in [place] the best. The other [hair ties] get loose.” 

Even though hair ties are a widely used accessory, they are not for everyone. Junior Chloe Arnwine has never been too keen on hair ties. 

“I don’t have a favorite brand of hair ties; I rarely wear them,” Arnwine stated. 

Another form of hair tie that made its debut in the world of style were the ties with the bow at the end. Although they may have been in every girl’s hair at one point, they seemed to have fallen off the charts. This is what keeps trends interesting and exciting. As fads rise and fall, we jump into a new era of style, with additional ways to rock a ponytail.

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