Midterms Preparedness

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Midterms Preparedness

Nick Mackle, Staff Writer

Students have different ways of studying for their midterms next week from freshmen to seniors as well as CP classes, honors classes, AP classes, and dual enrollment. 

Sophomore CP student Elizabeth DePersio “wings” the mid-terms: “I never study and maybe scan through the study guide right before”. 

While senior CP student Justin Stackhouse explained, “I look over the material and quiz myself over and over again until I get them all right.” 

Through honors and AP classes study skills must become more thorough.  

Junior honors student Parker Griffey explained, “I study for an hour or two. I mostly have to study by myself and usually go over the slides on Moodle and past notes then a review if they give us one,”

Colin Patton, senior AP student, studies a little more, “2 to 3 hours with study guides and reviews.” 

Many students come together to study if they have the same classes. 

“I study with my friends if we ever have the same classes,” said Griffey.  

Patton agreed, “Group study with friends is very helpful and fun.” 

Dual enrollment students Allie Hull and Emma Kochanowski take their English credits at Pellissippi State. 

“My professor said you can’t study because it is a summary and response” said Hull.  

Kochanowski explained “You can’t study on it anyway cause all you do is write stuff.” 

The exams start Monday with A and B block midterms, then continue to C and D on Tuesday. A review day for E, F, G, and H on Wednesday then followed with E and F tests, and end with G and H tests. Good luck with midterms and have a safe and fun Winter Break. 

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