Keileen Cullen, Staff Writer

“You’ve been RACK’D!” One may see these cards taped on students’ lockers in the A wing occasionally accompanied by a sweet treat if they were freshly hung.  

RACK stands for Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. When someone gets RACK’d, he or she is expected to RACK somebody back and keep the Christmas kindness going. The expected result would be a continuous chain of RACKs. 

This wave of kindness hit Knoxville Catholic High School in December of 2018. The mastermind behind the gesture? Liberty Phillips. Phillips originally got the idea off Pinterest, but she kickstarted the idea at Knoxville Catholic.  

“I saw [the idea] on Pinterest and I thought It was cute. I love Christmas time and the holidays, and I thought it would be a nice way to do something kind for the teachers and the students at Knoxville Catholic.” 

Many students (and faculty) have been RACK’d already including Valerie Monarrez and Cole Jenkins. 

Monarrez shared her opinion on the idea and her experience with being RACK’d. 

“It’s a nice feeling. You go to your locker to get your books and get ready for your next class and all of a sudden there’s a little treat duck taped to your locker.”  

Junior Cole Jenkins shared that although he really enjoyed his gingerbread he received, his favorite part about racking is that “it spreads kindness around the school and [encourages] other people to push towards that.” 

Even though the semester is almost over, it is not too late to RACK others and spread the Christmas kindness and holiday cheer. If interested, there are RACKing cards that are available for taking in the library on the counter by the printers. Happy Holidays!

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