Wi-fo headed to Women’s Hall of Fame

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Wi-fo headed to Women’s Hall of Fame

Keileen Cullen, Staff Writer

Knoxville Catholic’s 2nd annual winter formal dance is coming up fast and students ponder outfits, dates, and pre-dance/post-dance festivities.  

With flyers going up and the buzzing of plans being made through the hallways, the reality of the dance soon approaching has dawned on the students.  

Winter Formal was rebirthed last year by the student council. Students in the halls could not help but reminisce on some of the good memories that came with their winter formal experience. 

“I had a sprained ankle last year, but I still danced because it was that fun,” Junior Anastasia Kelly commented. 

Sophomore George Mccarty enjoyed the music selection because it made dancing with friends way more fun. 

Sometimes students look most forward to the plans around the dance rather than the dance itself.  

Freshman Victoria Dishman is most excited about, “getting [her] dress from the mall and going to dinner with friends.” 

When the day of the dance is announced, some students start to come up with ideas of how to ask their date to the formal; some are simplistic while others go all out for their proposals. 

Senior Neumann MacDonald plans to “ask creatively because that’s what [he] did for prom and winter formal last year. Last year I bought a box of donuts and wrote ‘I DONUT want to go to prom without you’ and I thought that was pretty clever.” 

On the contrary, Mccarty simply asked his date to go to winter formal over text. 

With the dance looming on the horizon in less than a month, students are beginning to finalize their plans and get ready for the big day. This year the dance will be at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame from 7 to 11 pm. Student council will be in the commons during break and lunch February 4th through the 8th selling tickets. Tickets rates are $15 for students and $20 for out of school dates.  



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