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Sophomore Sweethearts Renfree and Thompson

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Sophomore Sweethearts Renfree and Thompson

Sophomores, Nick Renfree and Madeline Thompson, have been dating for only a few short months, but have quickly earned the spot of cutest sophomore couple for 2019. The pair met sitting next to each other in two of their freshman classes but didn’t end up falling for each other until the next year, on November 25th to be specific.

“He had mentioned it (dating) and I said no, because I just didn’t think we had hung out enough, then I called him on thanksgiving and said ‘maybe’… the next time we hung out we started dating,” Thompson explained.

On most of their dates Thompson and Renfree prefer to watch Netflix or go to the park. The pair confessed they were fans of binge-watching shows such as Friends or The Office.

One of their funny memories together Thompson explained was, “He fell on me one time.” Renfree explained that he was on his crutches at the time.

When asked their favorite things about each other, Thompson commented that, “He’s a good listener.” Renfree stated that, “She’s pretty funny.” Thompson quickly agreed with that statement.

The couple planned on a lowkey Valentine’s Day, including hanging out with nothing special. “There will definitely not be flowers or anything intense,” Thompson stated.

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