Arbuthnot and Monarrez Snag One Last Win

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Arbuthnot and Monarrez Snag One Last Win

Keileen Cullen, Staff Writer

Once upon a time, a young, 11-year-old Chris Arbuthnot met a young Valerie Monarrez at Sacred Heart middle school in 5th grade. They soon became good friends but nothing more. Then high school came around and sparks flew freshman year.  

“We became good friends in Coach Souder’s religion class. It was the most magical time of my life,” Monarrez light-heartedly joked. 

This couple prefers to keep it low key and chill. Most of their dates consist of just hanging out and going out to eat together.  

Arbuthnot reminisced on their romantic first date, “We went to go get some Five Guys before a party and then went to the party together.” 

Although it seems like this couple is simple and ordinary, they went all out for Valentine’s Day.  

“He came over [to my house], gave me chocolate, flowers, and a Popsocket! Then I gave him his little gift and we had dinner at Wok Chow because we love that place and [we] always order the most food. We ended our day with friends and had fun.” Monarrez shared.  

Since Arbuthnot and Monarrez have been dating for a little over a year, they have plenty of great memories together 

Monarrez shared her favorite memory of their relationship, “This one time we were at a big get-together at the beginning of last summer. Everyone was doing their own thing and Chris and I were in the corner of this couch looking at memes on Instagram and peeing our pants from laughing so hard.” 

That is the story of how the senior class cutest couple came to be. Congratulations Chris and Valerie.

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