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Winter Formal Wakes Up Sophomore Feelings

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Winter Formal Wakes Up Sophomore Feelings

Keileen Cullen, Staff Writer

Chase Fuller and Anne Caroline Harris, this year’s most likely to date winners, met last year when they both entered Knoxville Catholic freshman year. They went to winter formal together last year, just as friends though don’t worry.  

“My friends bothered me about going to winter formal with him and then I started talking to him and yeah that’s how it happened.” Harris explained 

Although they went to winter formal together, they were not that close of friends. The pair stated that they talked a little bit but were particularly good friends.  

“The entire sophomore class put us down for most likely to date, I think it was a joke.” Fuller commented. 

Both Harris and Fuller whole-heartedly agreed that they would not be pursuing their dating relationship; however, Fuller could not help but think about what a Valentine’s day date for them would be like if they were in a relationship.  

“We would probably just go out to dinner at Lakeside and take some pictures,” Fuller stated.

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