Mixed Grade Couple is Miles of Love

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Mixed Grade Couple is Miles of Love

Madison Webber, Copy Editor

Mixed grade couple Senior Jake Renfree and Junior Callie Tucker have been dating for about a year and nine months and bonded over their passion for running. These athletes met during cross country season of Tucker’s freshmen year and the sparks flew instantly, beginning with small flirtatious jokes all season, which eventually led to their first date (pizza, watching a track meet, and ice cream).  

Due to their very busy schedules, the couple tries to keep Wednesday open to enjoy breakfast before school or dinner after and typically can find time on the weekends to enjoy a movie or Netflix show.  

“I don’t budget my time well, so FaceTime is key for us,” Renfree claims. The couple often studies together for Physics during “facetime dates” to help balance their time together. 

The couple spent the day off from school on Valentines Day at the Chattanooga Aquarium. 

“I got Callie an aux cord, a fuzzy blanket, and some chocolate; she got me candy and a running hat,” Renfree stated. 

Since Renfree is heading off to college next year, the couple is often asked about their future plans. 

“If it ain’t broke, no need to fix it,” Renfree jokingly reflects on their past discussions over the topic. Tucker backs up Renfree’s thoughts by stating, “We’ve been dating for so long, it would be kinda weird if we just threw it away. Like two years down the drain, have fun in college. I mean, just give it a shot. One step at a time.”  

Congratulations to Renfree and Tucker on winning the Cutest Mixed Grade Couple Award for 2019 and on many miles of a happy and successful relationship.  


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