Most Unique Seniors Stand Out

Guadi Fanelli, Social Media Manager, Staff Wrtier

While KCHS is out of school for sickness, Hansel Lin and Bailey Dew have been struck by the love bug!  

KCHS voted for best couples, and Lin and Dew were chosen Most Unique couple, and with love in the air, with Valentine’s Day coming up, here is the story behind this couple.  

These two lovebirds started out as friends and their relationship evolved from there. They first met during Junior year sitting together at lunch. One day, Lin realized he had nowhere to sit in the library when he spotted Dew and joined her. From there on, they became better friends, enjoying each other’s presence and conversations.  

Soon Dew shared her feelings towards Lin and on December 1st, 2018, they became official. Cruze Farms was the plan for the first date, but due to it being late, they dined at Craker Barrel instead. A memorable outing since has been to Gatlinburg with friends Sydney Sexton and Kevin Golec, ending with a double date in the Great Smoky Mountains. 

On the daily, Dew and Lin enjoy going out to eat, talking and watching movies together. Not too long ago, they saw their first movie, Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse.  

Dew, glad they enjoyed one of 2018’s best animated films together, comments, “the animation was beautiful and different. The story was interesting and unique from any other superhero movie I’ve seen.” 

Looking on the bright side of being voted Most Unique, Lin comments on their growing relationship saying, “we have the exact same humor, kind of the same personality and we like and dislike the same stuff as well.” As for Valentine’s Day, Dew and Lin enjoyed a nice meal with some laughs and interesting talks at Joe’s Crab Shack.

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