Course Selection

Ansley Letsinger, Staff Writer

Tuesday, February 26 marked the beginning of course selection week. For many students, this is a chance to take courses that will lead to a college major. Here are some classes students can take to get a head start in their career. 

Journalism class is an opportunity for future journalists and communication majors to learn what goes into media writing.  

Journalism is a semester course taught by Mrs.Phillips and is available to all grades. 

In this class, students get to experience creating different forms of media writing. This includes filming and editing news stories, creating posts for the school’s social media page, writing timely stories for the Writing Irish website, and helping create the school’s magazine.  

Everyday is research and writing, said Phillips “students go around and do interviews on the story they are working on.” 

“Journalism can help in any sort of communication job,” said Phillips, “it prepares students for all journalism branches like report writing or broadcasting.”  

If you’re interested in writing and editing, then journalism is the class for you. 

Physiology is a great class for all those interested in pursuing a medical career.  

This class is a year-round science credit that is taught by Ms.Walden. Requirements are a minimum average of 80 in both biology and chemistry and is only offered to juniors and seniors. 

In physiology, students study the different parts of the human body and their purpose. The class is asked to memorize diagrams of the body as well as participate in labs and study the different systems of the body. 

“This class can help prepare one for a variety of careers in the medical field such as a doctor, Physical therapist, nurse, athletic trainer, or physician’s assistant,” said Walden “but it is useful for every person to learn the basic functions of their body for health reasons.”  

If you have an interest in learning how the body works, this is the class for you. 

For anyone interested in true crime, forensics is a great way to learn more about the ins and outs of working with a real crime scene. 

Forensic is a semester elective taught by Ms.Settlemyer. Its only prerequisite is the completion of biology class and is only available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  

In this class, students study the fundamental elements of investigation and apply them to real-life criminal cases. These elements include things like fingerprinting, finding cause and time of death and toxicity. 

“Forensics helps in a ton of careers,” said Settlemyer “criminology, forensic anthropologist, entomologist, really any sort of law enforcement.” 

If you are considering a career in criminal investigation or any other kind of law enforcement, forensics is a great place to start.  

To learn more about these classes as well as others, look into the course selection booklet on your Renweb in Resource Documents or talk to your counselor. Course selection forms are due to the guidance office on March 5th, happy choosing! 

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