College T-shirt Friday returns to KCHS

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College T-shirt Friday returns to KCHS

Haley Cionfolo, Staff Writer

On March 1, the Class of 2019 began to show off their colleges and started to participate in a beloved senior tradition: wearing college shirts on Fridays. As more seniors make their college decisions, students have developed new school spirit.  

Lindsey Webb, one of the newest members of Texas Christian University’s Class of 2023, is thrilled about this ongoing opportunity.  

“I like being able to represent where I am about to go,” Webb, who decided at the end of January, said gleefully.  

Some seniors, however, have started their alternation different universities’ shirts for a few weeks. Many seniors, such as Olivia Ricche, have heard from multiple schools but have not made their final decision.  

On Friday mornings, I will probably pick a shirt from one of the many schools I visited and applied to,” Ricche said 

Although it may be a couple of months until she has all of the information that she needs to make her college selection, Ricche, like other members of the senior class, was excited for the change.  

“It’s something different from the last three years of wearing the same Catholic gear,” Ricche remarked.  

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