Spring Break Destinations

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Spring Break Destinations

Keileen Cullen, Staff Writer

The warm weather, the smell of the crisp air, flowers sprouting, allergies on the horizon. This can only mean one thing: Spring is here! The bees are buzzing through the air, families going on walks in the parks, and if one looks close enough, he or she can see some hammocks popping up all around town.  

Any day away from school is a good one for most. With spring season in full swing, students are beginning to become giddy over their ever so anticipated spring break. Some students go all out with their plans and ideas for vacation while others like to keep it lowkey with a “staycation” or a quick drive to a cool city. 

If a student is planning on going somewhere that may take some saving up to pay for the trip, they will start saving a good bit of money before spring break. Senior Elyse Brian is going to Cancun, Mexico for spring break with a few of her pals. 

“I am splitting the [traveling] cost with my parents, so I have been saving up money from babysitting to go on this trip.” 

Some prefer to spend spring break with friends while others prefer to spend it with their family. Freshman Mary Oakley Robertson went to Cape San Blas last year with her family and is looking forward to spending break in Seaside, Florida this year with them. 

“One of my fondest memories from last year was hanging out and spending time with my cousins last year at the beach” commented Robertson. 

Some students value tradition when it comes to spring break. Every year the Irish baseball team goes down to Panama City, Florida for their annual baseball tournament. The trip is a week-long from March 15th to the 22nd.   

Senior baseball player Chris Arbuthnot gave the inside scoop on in the innerworkings of the trip. 

“The first few days are for doing whatever you want with your friends, then the next 4 days are just games. On game days we will typically wake up at 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. if the game time is early; if it is a later game, we will wake up around 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. Then we go out there and warm up, play the game, then once we get back, we just chill with the team.” Arbuthnot shared. 

“It’s a lot of fun. You get to mess around with your guys a lot and get to know some of the other guys a little better and see their true colors. I’d say last year’s spring break was my favorite by far; the game I pitched I wore the wrong hat and belt, so I looked like a fool out there, Arbuthnot continued. 

This year spring break is the 18th through the 23rd of March. Remember to stay safe, make good decisions, and last but not least… happy planning!!  


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