March Madness Sweeps Catholic

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March Madness Sweeps Catholic

Nick Mackle, Staff Writer

March Madness is among us, bringing with it the season of creating brackets, joining pools, and winning prizes. The Blarney Stone Press is joining in the fun by hosting a school-wide March Madness Bracket Contest with NO BUY IN FEE. Prizes include Air Pods for first place, a $50 gift card to Amazon for second place, and a $25 dollar gift card to Chick-Fil-A for third. 

Once the brackets become available on March 17th, students can fill one out until the first round, beginning on the 21st. The pool will be joinable via a link that will be emailed out as well as posted on the Writing Irish Instagram and Twitter 

Excited yet? Many students are sports enthusiasts, like Sophomore Sam Sompayrac. He takes his time to fill out bracket after bracket. 

 “I fill out four to five at least, Sompayrac said. 

 Mr. Saxon Prater, English teacher and senior Joe Walker aren’t as intense. 

“I fill out probably 2 brackets a year, Walker said. 

Sompayrac predicts an upset. 

 “Duke is going to get upset by a trash team, but North Carolina and Virginia are my favorites, Sompayrac said. 

Prater has different opinions. 

“My underdog is to be determined. I would have to think about that more, but the Vols are looking good, Prater said. 

Walker is siding with his hometown team. 

“My Cinderella would be Loyola-Chicago, but Michigan is 100% winning it this year.”  

A “cinderella” team is a huge underdog that upsets multiple teams in a tournament. Like last year’s tournament, Loyola-Chicago was a 11 seed, and they beat a 6,3,7, and a 9 seed to make the final four. 

But, in my opinion– to win it all would be Tennessee or Michigan State. An upset will be Duke losing before the Sweet Sixteen, but the Cinderella this year will be New Mexico State or Wofford. 

Don’t forget to join the Blarney Stone Press Pool for a chance at winning a pair of Air Pods. 

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