Seniors Creative Communicate College Choice

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Seniors Creative Communicate College Choice

Keileen Cullen, Staff Writer

The end of the school year can be stressful for some students, even seniors. Parents, friends, family and everyone in between is curious about where students will be attending college. To ease the tension, some seniors like to keep their college decision a secret until college decision day.  

Some reveals are traditional like a hat or t shirt reveal while others can be a little more creative. 

Senior Liza Barre went with a more traditional approach of just keeping her decision a secret from everybody until college decision day.  

She shared that her college decision was not easy and that a lot of different factors went into her ultimate decision. 

We looked at all the colleges I was accepted to and it really came down to UT and Georgia Tech. UT is close and convenient with great opportunities and its cheap, but there was also the name brand Georgia Tech. The money was such a good factor for UT that it was too good to turn down an offer like that.” Barre stated.  

Barre says that the reason she decided to do some sort of reveal for her college decision was because she was getting inquiries about her decision multiple times a day. 

My parents and I had discussed it multiple times, but I didn’t fully decide with them until two days ago. I think part of the reason [I kept my decision a secret] was because everyone wanted to know. It got to the point where people were asking me six or seven times a day. It was driving everyone crazy that I hadn’t picked a college yet because people usually decide February or March when the financial awards come out. I just decided that I know where I am at [with my decision] but this can still be pretty exciting for [my friends and family].” Barre explained.  

Senior Bonnie Claire Fultz got a little more creative with her college reveal.  

Fultz said she has always enjoyed watching gender reveals and she decided she wanted to do the same thing but with her college decision.  

I’m a big Pinterest person and I always thought that the gender reveal posts that somehow end up on my timeline were funny. So, I was like ‘Oh my gosh I’m gonna do a gender reveal but for my college.’ Fultz commented.  

She decided to do two different reveals, one for her family and one for her friends. 

For my family’s reveal I got a storage tub that was a dark hunter green and I made a little sign on the front that said ‘From Catholic green to…’ so when I opened the bin, two balloons popped out and one was orange and then other was white for UT.” Fultz discussed. 

My friends reveal was a couple days after my family reveal, so it was a challenge to keep my decision a secret from my friends. After a 4.5-hour rehearsal we were all really tired so I told them all to come into the practice room. I had a cake in there and after I told everyone what [my college choices were] I cut into the cake and orange M&M’s came out and spilled all over the table.” Fultz explained. 

Although college decisions can be stressful, they can also be fun. In the end, college reveals are a fun and exciting way to share your college decision with your loved ones. It is also a good reason to gather everyone together to celebrate before leaving for college.  


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