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Ansley Letsinger
Once upon a time there lived sassy girl named Ansley Letsinger. She lived in the city of Knoxville and went to a tiny school called ESK for 8 years. She was pretty content until bang, it was bye bye ESK and hello Knoxville Catholic High School.

Ansley has always been a tad odd. She was not your average kid who likes to play sports but instead she loves math, reading, and getting into political debates. She is also a huge nerd and sits alone at home watching Doctor Who all day, how charming. Though she is not always alone, sometime she sits with her sister and they watch trashy reality shows so she can feel better about her life.

She also has a huge obsession with pandas. She really loves pandas, but not the song Panda she thinks that it’s tacky. Oh yeah, she also gets off track really easily.

Even though she has a isolated attitude, she has always had a love of writing, especially poetry. Ever since she was little she had a love for writing stories . As she grew up she found that she was very opinionated and loves to debate on her views, so when she heard about the newspaper she knew it would be a great fit. A mixture of two of her favorite things, writing and sassing people, even if it was not face to face.

Now she is here, a hopeless, distracted, hungry, random mess who loves pandas and her family, and somehow she ended up on the paper.

It’s a work in progress.

Ansley Letsinger, Staff Reporter

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